We are aware of the environmental impact of our activities, and we have to be consequent. That’s why year after year we work to reduce the festival’s impact in the environment. For that purpose, we work with UniversoVivo. Also, every year we get the sustainability certificates from Green & Clean and Yourope.

Sustainability Certificates

A Greener Festival
Go Group

Mobility plan

Mobility is what causes most of the contamination in a festival. As the Organization, we do our best to reduce our environmental damage: we travel by train, we use cars only if we can fill them up, and we set up facilities to help people get to the festival with shared or public transport. Inside the festival all the staff uses bicycles.

Selective waste collection

Separate is recycling! Selective waste collection allows us to reduce the amounts of trash going to the dump, with its following energy and resource savings. We have partners to recycle the separated stuff such as Ecoembes and Ecovidrio.

Responsive Suppliers

We work mostly with local providers. Moreover, we have Fair Trade suppliers for the backstage.


We collect and donate all the bottle caps for a charity: Asociación Española Familia Ataxia-Talengectasia (AEFAT), a rare disease fighting organization.

Studying and offsetting the carbon footprint

We compile all the necessary data to estimate the carbon footprint of the festival, that is, the impact of the festival in the environment. We evaluate water, energy and oil used. Once we do the maths, we do a tree-plant to compensate it.


Every year we try to save most of the things that could be used in following editions.

Workers preparation

It’s crucial to sustainability that we all take part in this. That’s why our workers learn specific things about sustainability before coming to the festival.


At the festival we give voice to a variety of associations that work for the sustainability, both social and ambiental. Each year the number of ONGs that are part of the festival increases

ACNUR | Amnistía Internacional | Amigos de la Tierra | Asociación Únicos | Colectivo Galáctico | Intermón Oxfam | Región de Murcia Limpia

How can you be part of the SOStainability of the Festival?

  • Mobility: choose the best way to travel
    • Carpooling: it is best to share if you are choosing the car! You’ll save money and emissions. Check Amovens.
    • Public transport: the festival is well-connected by public transport, even if you’re coming from far away (There are train and buses to Murcia). Moving across the city and the festival is easy too.
    • By foot or by bicycle: if you’re near the festival come with your bike or take a walk and you will do a zero-emissions trip.


  • Recycling: separate waste and put it at the right container.
    • Yellow: plastic and light packaging, cans…
    • Blue: paper, cardboard, carton, boxes…
    • Green: only glass.
    • Regular: organic waste and rest.
  • Resources: using water and energy has a huge cost that you don’t directly pay, but your environment does. It’s easy to have it in mind: each small attitude sums up. Turn off unnecesary lights, close water taps, don’t use WC as a bin, etc.
  • Take part! The festival is yours: enjoy the music, the art, the conferences; be kind, (come check out the ONGs zone), don’t litter, be all you can be and have fun!

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