Iseo is Leire Villanueva’s artistic name, a girl from Pamplona who has also lived in Barcelona, Madrid and París.

She successfully released her first EP “Red Gardens”, in 2013 and in January she released her first LP “Last Night” recorded at the Mecca studies in Donosti, after she won the Asaltos Acusticos’ (Sala Sirocco, Madrid) competition  in 2014. Since then her music, that swings between the soul, the R&B and the pop, has been played in broadcasts like Disco Grande (where she performed in live) and medias like Diarios de Navarra.

This year sounds promisión since the bet on her album will led her to perform in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Ceuta, Tánger and Pamplona among many others, both in acoustic format as well as backed up by her entire band. What is more, she has rose as the winner of TalentoSOS, so now she will perform in the Spanish festivals’  circuit for the first time ever.

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