Don Fluor

Fluor/Don Fluor is the  Rafa López’s electronical alter ego -from Albacete, yet a Murcian resident-. It is a funny and intense musical experience in every show and has produced projects that overgrow with personality. In the 00’s he has acted in Festivals as ABYCINE or Festival de los Sentidos, from his hometown, until the 2008, when he started his production adventures with Asustadizo, the band with who is still very involved and with who he has create two LPs : “Frisbie Rojo” (auto edited by Don Flúor in 2010) and “Nutrición Animal” (Molécula Records 2012, edited in Spain and Mexico), collaborating in projects such as Jinete (Perdido Estudios, 2012). In 2013 he produced the Murcian band Karenin along with Rafa Caballero (La Casa del Arbol, Burrito Panza) among other CDs. He has also collaborated in the Disintegration Remix with Lovelife and in 2013 he has produced multiple remixes along Lovelife (The Leadings, Dukes) ; Ellos’ “Aunque te rías de mí” and Second’s “2502”.

he is about to release his first LP “Badass”, after participating in multiple indie, pop and electronic productions and has attire the attention of the public in festivals such as Arenal Sound, FIB or Contempopranea and he has performed in multiple events and nightclubs, in which stands out his recurrent performances in Marmarela, where he has blown the public away this summer revolting the Main Stage again and again. Now he acceptes the challenge of being a reference of the electronic of the Levante zone to become a global trade. 

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