DJ Nómar Bécquer


He started by the end of the 90’s motivated by the great place the electronic music occupied in the Spanish Levante’s scene. Nomar Bécquer has matured at the time he made the electronic music evolve, being as one for more than a decade. That is the result of a cool electronic cocktail. One of the more relevant characteristics of his sets is that he swings between a fresh House and a sophisticated Techno often alternated with a happy TechHouse.


DJ Miniyou


Miniyou DJ is the alias for which David Cobarro is known as a DJ. Born in Murcia, he is used to hear his name among the indie and electronic scene of Levante’s zone, and his sessions are lighthearted, dashing and completely chameleonic, since his sets are capable of englobe numerous styles, matching the dance floor’s spirit

During almost 8 years besides the plates he has passed or had had residencies in places such Bar Ocio, Moss Club, Safari Club, Metro Dance Club, Kraken Club, Rockers Club, La Oveja Negra, Bizzart Club, Sala Rem, Selecta Social Club, SOS Festival 4.8., etc.

He is nowadays part of “La Maleta Sinfondo”‘s booking agency and he shares a musical protect alongside Sergio Galian at Electric Gramophone. If that was not enough, he is founder and director of Mr. People Festival.


Buendia DJ


Buendía is the new DJ project of the ballerina, and DJ from Murcia, Carmen Buendía. With deep roots on Indielectrónica and Electro-Rock, her sounds evolve towards something much more eclectic, electronic and Europe oriented. Since she was resident at the Mondo -one of the most important ballrooms of the scene- back in 2014, her name has been everywhere.

She took part of the Low Festival, Electric Club, Bass Galiza, Rave Market…. Her indie mixes are natural and her electronic genius made her a reference DJ in the scene. According to her “What I love the most are the lives and the energy deployment on the cabins.”


Dime Cariño DJ


Dime Cariño DJ is José Ángel Cuenca’s “alter ego”, journalist with meloman airs who is born from the need of “free itself and make happy those who want to dance”

His sets are characterized by their freshness, dynamism and most of all, the connexion they made with the public. We can find hits from all decades, indie from the 90’s, the best 80’s pop, or the most well-known hits. It is not weird to listen to summer hits or even a rumba out of the blue to make people’s feet barely touch the ground.

His method of work is eclectic and versatile and has made him pass through numerous Murcian cabines since 2012, such as 12&medio or Moss. He also has a residence at La Oveja Negra, El Bosque Animado, El Bar Canalla, El Taller, La Muralla and has participated in famous events such as the Murcia Fashion Week. He directs and organizes a  monthly vespertine party along Murcian DJ Sergio Galián, named “Lasobremesa”.


Anni Frost


Anni Frost is a renown  national and international DJ and producer. She debuted with “Monkey Business” (I!Records) in 2013 and since, has mixed in many emblematic clubs as the Kater Holzig or the Mensch Meier (Berlin), the Rockerill (Brussels) or The London Fields (London), as well as in the most multitudinary electronic parties of Madrid: GOA in Fabrik and Replay in Groove. She also has mixed in national ballrooms such as the APOLO or L’ ATLANTIDA in Barcelona, PURO BEACH, in Marbella, LA MARTINA in Ibiza. She has been seen in famous Festivals such as the Electro Beach and the Electro Weekend in Benidorm, Jazzaldia in Donosti, Circuit Festival in Barcelona, Sunrise Festival in ARGELIA, Be Free in Marbella or the Europride de Madrid. You will enjoy her sessions at this edition of the SOS 4.8 Festival.

At the mixers, Anni Frost is pure joy, she has a high development and a particular strength. She loves to renovate and surprise the listeners every time she touches the platines. Her good taste is highlighted in her sessions, which sound like techno and tech house, with a deepness, an innovative aim and so much groove. One of the things that characterize her savoir faire is the complicity that she creates with those who listen and dance to her sound, creating a connexion and a complicity ambient.

Besides, Anni Frost has been nominated as the best feminine artist at the Spanish National Vicous Music Awards and was chosen as finalist for EMI Music “She Can Dj” Award.




AWWZ comes back with ‘Glid’, a new cosy work of electronic with headquarter in Barcelona. After delighting us with singles like ‘Awake’ (Finesse Records México), ‘Bimba’ and ‘Gals’ (Freshmore USA) Gemma surprises us revealing all her strands with ‘Glid EP’. A new point of view, more vaporous, with floating textures and yet conserving the essence of the slowbeat, downtempo rhythms and her renown R’n’B vocals.

Besides, this time among the usual Shower Music, we can find the voces of the Belgian Demmy Sober and Bearoid from Valencia (Primavera Sound 2016), thus creating a synergy of collaborations with a more ambitious game, proving that an eloquent adaptability to the essence of artists and vocalists.

AWWZ presented all her artwork in 2015. We saw her sets at the Primavera Sound and DGTL, she has traveled many Spanish cities such as Madrid (Auditorio Movistar), Alicante, San Sebastián, Lanzarote, Tenerife (TEA) and more maturely, facing her first live in a tour over México and Colombia, presented at the Waco Festival and the prestigious Colombian radio station Radiónica, among others.

Furthermore, she has been chosen by Remezcla as one of the most promising Iberoamerican electronic female figures in 2015 and in Spain, according to the newspaper El País and the i-D website, she is considered  one of the most relevant electronic and pop producers. WWZ has received the support from the Spanish and international press.


DJ Keaton


DJ Keaton is the musical alias of Miguel Angel Keaton. A musical journalist with 30 years as a radio broadcaster and 23 years of directing his own emission “Tren de Sueños” at the Radio Autonomica de la Region de Murcia, (ORM), -autonomic radio of Murcia’s Region-. Besides, he dubs voices for Cinema and TV ads, and he will start dubbing for TV in 7 Región de Murcia with the musical broadcast “Con Ciertos Marcianos”.


Julio Ródenas DJ


Julio Ródenas drives a racing radiophonic bolid in Radio 3, a broadcast that informs of the latest releases and at the same time electrifies us with the most addictive pop mixed with addictive doses of electronic and nu-disco. Formerly part of the Hoy Empeiza Todo adventure, in Ángel Carmona’s team, he has also helped to Capitán Demo to take its firsts steps in the emerging bands panorama -alongside with Óscar Westermeyer. Besides, he has been screenwriter of Cachets ed Hierro y Cromo, a broadcast for La 2 and Radio 3. He has been published by The Rolling Stones Magazine, Mondo Sonoro and Efe Eme, and has participated in the live broadcasting of the SOS 4.8 for Radio 3.


Eme DJ


The Galician Marta Fierro, more known by Eme DJ, is one of the most popular DJs in the indie-electronic-disco scene. According to Rockdelux Magazine, she was voted best National DJ in 2010, 2011 and 2014 and was selected by Go Mag as one of the best 10 Spanish DJs.

Nowadays she reconciles multiple musical activities with her passion to travel everywhere to every club, event and festival in Spain with her suitcase loaded of CD’s. She is diving into the production and remixing for other groups.

“Giant”, her first EP was released for the first time in March 2013, with Subterfuge Records and Cuac Música. In 2014 she released «Swim», with Subterfuge again, and in 2015 she signs with Sony Music to release «Ready for Summer», a summer-like hit in which collaborates Klein, the producer.



Ed is Dead


Ed is Dead is Edu Ostos, a prestigious DJ and musical producer from Madrid. He owns his sound studio, Fashion BeatTeam. Edu has been implicated in projects so eclectic as been the drummer of historical hardcore and metal bands, he has founded electronic pioneer bands such as Baselab or Voidcamp, sharing the cabin with DJs as Jeff Mills, Ettiene de Crecy, Guy Gerber or Cristian Varela. He has also worked along many important figures of the Spanish mainstream music, from Marta Sanchez to David Bisbal, going through DJ Nano, Fuel Fandango or La Oreja de Van Gogh

He created his own personal project two years ago, concreted in an album that was released by id-2015: ED IS DEAD – CHANGE. His new set is in a Live Band format, in which he is accompanied by singers such as Odille Lima, Niccó or Clara Brea and the drummer Echedey Molina, He has played this year un festivals and clubs like MulaFest of Madrid, Under of Barcelona or Kraken of Valencia, just to name few of his performances, peeking on the official album release this past December at the Sala El Sol, getting a great acclaim from the public.

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