The Big Moon


“The debut single from new London-based girl gang The Big Moon is an ode to ploughing on through the hard times. “it got colder every day; but I wouldnt change my mind”, front woman Juliette Jackson stubbornly assures over foggy guitars. The gloom lifts towards the end though, when with a hoot and a howl she declares “I’m a sucker for you”. Commit to The Big Moon now.”

Rhyan Dely, NME’s Assistant Reviews Editor


Anni Frost


Anni Frost is a renown  national and international DJ and producer. She debuted with “Monkey Business” (I!Records) in 2013 and since, has mixed in many emblematic clubs as the Kater Holzig or the Mensch Meier (Berlin), the Rockerill (Brussels) or The London Fields (London), as well as in the most multitudinary electronic parties of Madrid: GOA in Fabrik and Replay in Groove. She also has mixed in national ballrooms such as the APOLO or L’ ATLANTIDA in Barcelona, PURO BEACH, in Marbella, LA MARTINA in Ibiza. She has been seen in famous Festivals such as the Electro Beach and the Electro Weekend in Benidorm, Jazzaldia in Donosti, Circuit Festival in Barcelona, Sunrise Festival in ARGELIA, Be Free in Marbella or the Europride de Madrid. You will enjoy her sessions at this edition of the SOS 4.8 Festival.

At the mixers, Anni Frost is pure joy, she has a high development and a particular strength. She loves to renovate and surprise the listeners every time she touches the platines. Her good taste is highlighted in her sessions, which sound like techno and tech house, with a deepness, an innovative aim and so much groove. One of the things that characterize her savoir faire is the complicity that she creates with those who listen and dance to her sound, creating a connexion and a complicity ambient.

Besides, Anni Frost has been nominated as the best feminine artist at the Spanish National Vicous Music Awards and was chosen as finalist for EMI Music “She Can Dj” Award.


Sau Poler


Badalona, a village close to Barcelona, is the hometown of Sau Poler, the best kept secret of the electronic scene in Spain. It is a recent discovery, because it was not until a yea ago when he started to experiment with electronic with the aim to express something different and have a blast. Before that, he had passed through instrumental hip hop and experimental folk, yet this time the bet was so right that soon, his influences, such as Aphex Twin, Four Tet or Floating Points, turned out to be essential pillars to define his music.

Now that he has signed with Converse’s platform Make Noise to record at the Rubber Tracks studios from New York, Sau Poler seems to have found his perfect spot to complete, the new golden age of the Spanish electronic amongst John Talabot or Pional.

Electronic music that has a soul, the type that can be played and that does not know boundaries, or as Sau Poler says “I cannot classify my music in genders, I just follow what makes me feel right”




The Synthwave and the Horror Synth are the fundamental foundations of the sound universe of Nightcrawler, Inspired on the sounds of John Carpenter’s soundtracks, Giallo’s cinema and science fiction movies from the 80’s.

In 2014, Nightcrawler published their first album, “Metropolis” and the name starts reverberating and echoing in the synthwave scene. The vinyl edition of their latest work”Strange Shadows” is edited in 2015 by One Way Static Records label and also published in cassette version by initiative of the English label Graveyard Calling.

After the release of their first official video called “Haunted Keys”, they are currently working on a new label that will come out on 2016 and that you will enjoy at the SOS 4.8.




Ocellot is a very active band within the actual panorama and they have evolved since his first album, from the psychedelic pop baroque from the sixties to a compositions that, even if they maintain some of the characteristic elements, is now oriented towards other universes of sound, more expanded and actuals. Ocellot’s music acquires a new dimension, opened to the dance and a fusion with genres linked to the psychedelia.

The band consists on guitar and voice, synthesizers, and a great dose of ethnical instruments. The rhythm base is built on an original bass lines and a classic drum set with electronic pads. Ocellot is an innovative and risked work that published in April 2015 his second EP “Jelly Beat”, by Foehn records.  


My Expansive Awareness


My Expansive Awareness is a neopsychedelic band born in Saragossa in 2014. Armed with a bouquet of influences, from The Doors or The Velvet Underground to Spacemen 3 and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The band has become one of the Spanish sensations of the space rock and the pyschedelic garage, and they have hit success so hard that not only they have toured half Europe, they also had exceeded all expectations concerning their homonym debut published in 2015 by Analog Love Records. Their music is composed by space sounds, loops that induce to trance, and melodies with a touch of pop that mixes with coats of distorsion and energetic drums that reach an broad range of sounds and sensations leading into song with a very distinct nature of their own.


Los Bengala


Los Bengala are a rudimentary tandem using only two instruments and their voices. Short songs, very concises whose goal is to feast the ears of those who listen to them. In less than a year they have already irrupt as one of the most promising rock and roll bands with their explosive concerts in England and most of Spain. Their long musical career in other bands had allowed them to elevate  to the nth power their wildest side during their lives. They have signed with Dirty Water Records of London confirms their proposal and settles them in the worldwide underground panorama. 

Los Bengala have not invent anything new yet there is nothing that sounds like them. They have managed somehow to bring that freshness to the style. Guillermo’s simple and powerful chords at the guitar, backed up by Borja’s intricate rhythms at he drums and both of their voices as choirs, creating an energy in the stage that nobody can resist. Their acclaimed debut “Incluso Festivos”, released by Dirty Water Records and Wild Lion Records, had them banging the table and finding their place in the jungle.




Impregnated with the characteristic calm of the Calabrian bay where they come from and the frenetic urban scene where they live, Baywaves emerge with the same freshness as their music. A fusion of pop melodies with the spring sunshine, floating developments and sea-like reverb coats. Formed as a duet, and stablished as complete band in Madrid, the young group of four soon consolidated as a role model with their firsts auto produced demos and their debut single “The Freak Kingdom”, which attired the attention of the international blogosphere (DIY Mag, Sounds Better With Reverb…) and the national (Indiespot, Mondo Sonoro…) or even appearing in the Make Noise, Proyecto Demo or Villa de Bilbao’s contests.

After this quick irruption, Baywaves will officials release their debut EP “Only For Uz”, that will see the light of day on March 25th by Foehn Records. Recorded with Brian Hunt admixed by Joe Walker from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, the Madrilian quartet mold their sound in four acid pop songs, bathed in vibrant guitars with fuzz, spacial synthesizers and dynamic rhythms following the paths of Smith Westerns, UMO or Boogarins.


The Suicide of Western Culture


The Suicide Of Western Culture was born in 2010 in Barcelona’s suburbs from two guys whose passion for the low fidelity technologies is mixed w¡th the drones, the electronic, tes post rock and a radically punk attitude. Some of the names that can guide you trough the duet’s univers may be Holy Fuck, Mogwai, GY!BE, My Bloody Valentine, Four Tet, Dan Deacon, or Michael Rother.

After two albums with Irregular, a Catalan label, an homonym debut, and in 2013 “Hope Only Brings Pain” (more a compilation of remixes from their first album, factured by la creme de la creme of Catalonia’s electronic panoraama) the groups faces now their following step, an album that has been released in 2015 at El Segell from the Primavera, new home of the couple.

Yet, it is in the scenery where that amalgam of kraut rhythms, oppressive sounds, planning melodies and post rock emotivity melting with the visual aspect of TSOWC, a universe in which the religious images mingles with the Spanish civil war and insane taste for the macabre.




AWWZ comes back with ‘Glid’, a new cosy work of electronic with headquarter in Barcelona. After delighting us with singles like ‘Awake’ (Finesse Records México), ‘Bimba’ and ‘Gals’ (Freshmore USA) Gemma surprises us revealing all her strands with ‘Glid EP’. A new point of view, more vaporous, with floating textures and yet conserving the essence of the slowbeat, downtempo rhythms and her renown R’n’B vocals.

Besides, this time among the usual Shower Music, we can find the voces of the Belgian Demmy Sober and Bearoid from Valencia (Primavera Sound 2016), thus creating a synergy of collaborations with a more ambitious game, proving that an eloquent adaptability to the essence of artists and vocalists.

AWWZ presented all her artwork in 2015. We saw her sets at the Primavera Sound and DGTL, she has traveled many Spanish cities such as Madrid (Auditorio Movistar), Alicante, San Sebastián, Lanzarote, Tenerife (TEA) and more maturely, facing her first live in a tour over México and Colombia, presented at the Waco Festival and the prestigious Colombian radio station Radiónica, among others.

Furthermore, she has been chosen by Remezcla as one of the most promising Iberoamerican electronic female figures in 2015 and in Spain, according to the newspaper El País and the i-D website, she is considered  one of the most relevant electronic and pop producers. WWZ has received the support from the Spanish and international press.

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