DJ Nómar Bécquer


He started by the end of the 90’s motivated by the great place the electronic music occupied in the Spanish Levante’s scene. Nomar Bécquer has matured at the time he made the electronic music evolve, being as one for more than a decade. That is the result of a cool electronic cocktail. One of the more relevant characteristics of his sets is that he swings between a fresh House and a sophisticated Techno often alternated with a happy TechHouse.


DJ Miniyou


Miniyou DJ is the alias for which David Cobarro is known as a DJ. Born in Murcia, he is used to hear his name among the indie and electronic scene of Levante’s zone, and his sessions are lighthearted, dashing and completely chameleonic, since his sets are capable of englobe numerous styles, matching the dance floor’s spirit

During almost 8 years besides the plates he has passed or had had residencies in places such Bar Ocio, Moss Club, Safari Club, Metro Dance Club, Kraken Club, Rockers Club, La Oveja Negra, Bizzart Club, Sala Rem, Selecta Social Club, SOS Festival 4.8., etc.

He is nowadays part of “La Maleta Sinfondo”‘s booking agency and he shares a musical protect alongside Sergio Galian at Electric Gramophone. If that was not enough, he is founder and director of Mr. People Festival.


Alien Tango


Coming from the Mediterranean coast yet with exotic foliage, the young Alien Tango irrupts as one of the most refreshing and unclassified characters of the new psychedelia, as bizarre as adapted to the most sophisticated exigencies of pop.

To prepare his debut EP, this futuristic kid orchestra locked himself up in different rooms on which he recorded with everything he could grab, melting a secular accordion and a 80’s sitar in a Mac or sampling noises coming from his own flesh among acid synths and guitar melodies.

After this ambitious process, his debut at  «Supernatural Mango» ends up by shining as a work tremendously harmonic and fun that could be resumed as a definitive anthology of human’s weirdnesses : from disco soul and spatial psych to hindou music and spaghetti western over Velvet’s filter or contemporary influences as Foxygen.


Dime Cariño DJ


Dime Cariño DJ is José Ángel Cuenca’s “alter ego”, journalist with meloman airs who is born from the need of “free itself and make happy those who want to dance”

His sets are characterized by their freshness, dynamism and most of all, the connexion they made with the public. We can find hits from all decades, indie from the 90’s, the best 80’s pop, or the most well-known hits. It is not weird to listen to summer hits or even a rumba out of the blue to make people’s feet barely touch the ground.

His method of work is eclectic and versatile and has made him pass through numerous Murcian cabines since 2012, such as 12&medio or Moss. He also has a residence at La Oveja Negra, El Bosque Animado, El Bar Canalla, El Taller, La Muralla and has participated in famous events such as the Murcia Fashion Week. He directs and organizes a  monthly vespertine party along Murcian DJ Sergio Galián, named “Lasobremesa”.


Spring King


Spring King is the idea of a musical virtuous, Tarek Musa, who started the project in the bathroom of his abandones house, where he installed a drumset, tried on amplifiers, and started to write, record and mix a sonf a day in his ramshackle studio. tarek got along Peter Darlington, James Green and Andy Morton. Great songs were born from this union and their diverse styles were uploaded to the Internet, generating a huge buzz.

They released their first single with Transgressive / Paradyse Records in 2014 and the same year, they were positioned in the top 10 of the best bands of the year by NME Magazine. His next single, ‘Who Are You?’ was released by the end of 2015 and was announced as one of th most listened sonf according to Radio 1. It soon was catapulted to the first songs of 6 Music and appeared in Radio 1’s “In New Music We Trust” playlist. In 2015 Spring King signed with Island Records and we will seen them in the ninth edition of the SOS 4.8.


Soleá Morente


Soleá Morente is an artist whose nature is different from ever other precedent within the alternative scene. Until yesterday, any figure that had mixed rock and flamenco came whether from a rock or a flamenco background. Instead, Soleá has born in a crossroad, as she has both frameworks.  Her career as singer started during her collaboration to the Evangelista’s album Homenaje a Enrique Morente (2012). She has performed along Los Evangelistas in numerous concerts and has published with them the miniLP Encuentro (El Volcán, 2013), where Soleá’s voice takes upon the lead and continues exploring the nuances between flamenco and pop.

Her moment has arrived. After multiple artistic aventures, she releases her first album qualified as such, “Tendrá que haber un camino”. She has looked for her role and she has founded among her many and different loved ones. Therefore, this album is not about meetings, but more about  The overwhelming cast of special guests responds to artistic and vital reasons. She has bonds with every one of them, blood or friendship ties. Soleá with J and La Bien Querida with musicians from Los Planetas, Lagartija Nick, Lori Meyers and Pájaro Jack, her siblings Estrella and José Enrique, her mother Aurora and the huge amount of heritage from her father, Enrique. “Tendrá que haber un camino” aims a long way and starts, of course from Granada’s heart.




After the recognition they obtained with their EP “Kiss That Wealth Goodbye”, the duo from Belfast, exmagician, released their first album “Scan The Blue” (Bella Union, 2016) in March, in which they exhibit an heady mix of guitars and synthesizers that tangles into psychedelia’s spiral.

The new phase is enhanced by a passion for adventure and their sounds, a love for the psychedelia that takes form since the firsts compasses of every song.

Produced with the help of Rocky O’Reilly (And So I Watch You From Afar, General Fiasco, Mojo Fury), the duos decision to take over their production, due to the respect hey experiment towards musical creation and lyrics. Every track has been carefully elaborated, measuring every detail and only released once they were both sures the songs were ready to be listened.


Kassasin Street


Kassasin Street define themselves as a strange proposal : whilst other bands hits are measured by number of listens in Soundcloud, they sold out their venues, in which the public know what is awaiting. An hour of cool danceable psychedelia  Their first song was released in May 2014 and was covered by NME, BBC, 6 Music, Xfm…

The band ended up touring on festivals such as the Isle of Wight or the Bestival where, according to ‘eFestivals’ they gave one of the greatest performances of the weekend. Since then, they have released two other songs and have collaborate with Tristan Ivemy (Frank Turner), while both critics and promotors contribute to the band’s history. After the UK festivals, they will perform at the SOS 4.8 2016.


Santiago Auserón


From Zaragoza and ex member of the Spanish band Radio Futura, he releases his new proyecto, Juan Perro, in 1993 during a Kiko Veneno’s concert The group, is usually accompanied of prestigious rock, jazz and flamenco artists such as Compay Segundo, Kiko Veneno, Raimundo Amador, La Barbería del Sur, Malevaje, Pau Riba, Carlos Cano, Pancho Amat, Guerrilla Gorila or Marina Rossell. He has soon earned both national and international public, as proof the multiple awards the band has won.

Santiago Auserón publishes articles and essays about art, thinkers and music on specialized diaries. Investigator on Cuban music in 1984, he has toured around the world presenting numerous cultural projects, like Lorca’s homage “De Granada a la Luna” (1998) and in 2007, a heartfelt homage to Leonard Cohen along other artists. In March 2014 he has toured in the USA giving conferences at the  Instituto Cervantes of Nueva York, Chicago and at Harvard’s University in Boston, at the State University in Nueva York and in Princeton. In October 2015, Santiago Auserón defends his thesis “Música en los fundamentos del logos”, obtaining the Phd degree by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with the highest qualification “cum laude”.




Iseo is Leire Villanueva’s artistic name, a girl from Pamplona who has also lived in Barcelona, Madrid and París.

She successfully released her first EP “Red Gardens”, in 2013 and in January she released her first LP “Last Night” recorded at the Mecca studies in Donosti, after she won the Asaltos Acusticos’ (Sala Sirocco, Madrid) competition  in 2014. Since then her music, that swings between the soul, the R&B and the pop, has been played in broadcasts like Disco Grande (where she performed in live) and medias like Diarios de Navarra.

This year sounds promisión since the bet on her album will led her to perform in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Ceuta, Tánger and Pamplona among many others, both in acoustic format as well as backed up by her entire band. What is more, she has rose as the winner of TalentoSOS, so now she will perform in the Spanish festivals’  circuit for the first time ever.

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